Custom Paint & Body

Did you know Sideways is a full customization shop?  Yes, that includes custom paint and body.  No matter what make and model – from a Porsche to a Chevrolet – we got you covered.  Body kit installs, body kit repair, fender flares, custom molding, custom vents, spoilers, splitters, lip kits, and more.  We also shave door handles, gas tank lids, or anything else keeping you from that slick look you so desire.  Get a ding, dent, or a crunch?  We do collision repair as well!  Don’t let your insurance dictate where you take your car.  You can choose! Our services aren’t just limited to cars and trucks – we’ve painted boats, ATV’s, golf carts, BMX bikes, and much much more.  Forget Faaco, bring your project to us and go pro.

Custom Paint and Body Austin TX

Complete paint color change?  No problem.  Mix and Match body kit?  Sure thing.  Boat and trailer painted the same color as your Lambo?  Walk in the park. 

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