Custom Audio and Video

Sideways is the leader in custom car audio and video in Austin, TX.  We specialize in custom car audio and video installations for any make or model.  We carry Zapco, Kicker, Hybrid Audio, Kenwood and more.  Have your own brand of audio you prefer?  We can get and install any car stereo, any speakers, and screen, any amp, and anything else you can throw at us!  We excel at show quality installations in high end vehicles.  Whether it’s a Lotus, Porsche, Mercedes, or any other make or model, our installations can be mild or wild.  Don’t want to go crazy?  We can do custom audio / video installations that have the fit and finish to look like they were designed from the factory!

Custom Audio Austin TX

Custom speaker boxes?  No problem.  Fiberglass molded hotness?  Sure thing.  Sub woofer and amplifier hidden in the spare tire well?  Walk in the park. 

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